Indonesia: Open letter from Negasi to Eat & Billy

325received this translation from Indonesia anti-info site, Negasi:

Brothers Billy & Eat,

As you can see, the comrades are okay… The passion for freedom is still stronger than the prison!

It has been four months that both of you have been locked up behind bars which are operated by the state. A tool of repression that restricts your physical space, but we are sure not the imagination, passion and revenge in your hearts.

We also totally believe that every night you’ve spent under the terror and threats has not turned your hatred to the society and its whole apparatus of oppression. The warmth of love has just now departed from us through the wind to carry the news, that we are inspired by you.

Here, behind the hearts of the losers who are too afraid to take risks, there has been a fire sowing dissent underground.

We share the news about you in the shadows, passing it in all directions.
Letting it fly without a compass to achieve everything impossible. Bring it to any moment within the mechanical activity and make it the beginning for questioning everything, for looking back at who we really are.

That’s why it’s not a shameful thing when we must say that you are now brothers to us although we have never met or shared a single cigarette with you.

The authorities were wrong in their predictions. The repression has become a bridge for each of us to meet and start the dialog about the freedom with the way we choosed by our self.

Your action and courage to take the position for the attacks launched against state property have opened up the fact that no one can be submissive in order to embrace the totality of her life.

That only by becoming wild, each individual will open a space for himself to see what might imposible turn to something real.

It is true that fire set to burn property is not only a mere means of destruction.

Instead, it also helps us who have poor sight to see, and for courage to banish the darkness from the heart. We became confident that fear is something that is natural, but not to be worshiped. We must beyond the fear by recognizing that we are also the cowards who are too bound by all property around us.

It is true that yesterday, we was believing the lies of developementalism and propaganda of solicitous and bury every worthwhile bit of life.

Though indeed, there is some people around us who scoffed at what you have done. Some people who we once thought were brave enough, in fact prefer to maintain the reliability of their life. Many mouth accusations of you, without accusing themselves of any infidelity to slavery. They envy the courage and heart and warmth that comes from the other brothers and sisters to you. Jealous in their inability to be a rebel, even in the corners of their hearts.

But we leave them for a while, let them sink in the vacuous feast while we share stories between brothers and sisters in all the limitations that come pushed each of us.

Now each of us has pledged to be more vigilant. More alert and suspicious of the life that seemed alright. We agreed to make everything around us as a weapon and appreciate each rebel as fighters.

We promise not to forget that both of you are imprisoned, and it will find the mouth for revenge.

We realize that this letter will not change anything. In addition to that, we will proudly show all the enemies that you two are brothers and not just friends.

You are fighters and not criminals,

Individuals of Negasi

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