Indonesia: second night of rioting at Kerobokan Prison, Bali

SMH: Police and prison officials at Bali’s troubled Kerobokan prison have once again abandoned their post in the face of a fresh outburst of rioting.

Security forces responded with an hour or more of warning shots fired around the prison perimeter in an attempt to deter prisoners from starting a second night of full scale rioting.

Two missiles made of rocks bound in flaming cloth were hurled over the prison walls at about 10pm local time (1am AEST).

A barrage of rocks and other debris followed, forcing police stationed inside the prison in the wake of the previous  night’s destructive riot to quit their posts.

Witnesses to the violence say prisoners were yelling: “Everyone is a liar, give back our friends, where are our friends?”. This is understood to be a reference to three rioters injured by rubber bullets in the first riot and taken away by ambulance early on Wednesday morning.

But the prison doctor, Agus Hartawan, told this website, “The patients are still being treated in hospital and they seem relaxed”.

The latest incident lasted for about an hour before the prison fell quiet again.

At about 1.30am local time, police moved two water cannon trucks into position at the front of the prison gates, apparently in case of an escape attempt.


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