Man stitches his lips in Broadmeadows Detention Centre

February 14: As tensions once again rise at MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) in Broadmeadows, an Iranian man, aged 28, stitched his lips up this morning (Monday) as a sign of desperation. He has been detained for 11 months.

His friend told Serco and medical staff that he was concerned about his friend and warned them. Serco responded after the incident which was too late. Now they are checking up on him every 30mins. This news comes as updated department figures are released showing 4783 including 528 children are still detained.

“We are concerned that this man is not drinking water. It is absolutely appalling that we are locking innocent people up to the point that they would do this to themselves. Our refugee policy is rotten to the core and must be dismantled immediately. Anything short is just inhumane,” Daniella Olea, Refugee Action Collective member and regular visitor.

The lip-stiching follows a hunger strike, of up to six detainees, a few weeks ago, where one man was found lying by a fence, refusing to move.

Refugee Action Collective Victoria Press Release 14th February 2012


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