Aotearoa/NZ: Urewera 4 trial starts Monday

On Monday February 13, four people will face trial in Auckland, more than four years after massive state terror raids against Maori activists, environmentalists and anarchists in 2007.

From October 15 Solidarity:

On Monday, October 15th 2007, more than 300 police carried out dawn raids on dozens of houses all over Aotearoa / New Zealand. Police claim the raids were in response to ‘concrete terrorist threats’ from indigenous activists.

What initially started with 20 defendants is now down to four: Taame, Emily, Rangi and Urs. Their trial will start on 13th February 2012 in Auckland.

Each of the four defendants is charged with one count of ‘participation in an organised criminal group’ (Sec 98A of the Crimes Act) and multiple charges of possession of weapons under Arms Act (Sec 45).

The raids, arrests and subsequent prosecution are politically motivated. This case exemplifes the New Zealand’s state’s fear of indigenous sovereignty, and its desire to repress genuine social change.


Solidarity newsletter

There is a solidarity protest in Melbourne, 12.30pm Monday 13 February at the New Zealand Consulate General Melbourne, Level 4, 45 William Street.

Stand in Solidarity against New Zealand repression of Indigenous Sovereignty & Activism , let us show Taame, Emily, Rangi & Urs that they are not alone and that the whole world is watching.


2 thoughts on “Aotearoa/NZ: Urewera 4 trial starts Monday”

  1. OMG what next…I would dearly love to swear while writing this..for those that are going to trial tomorrow, much arohanui..our tupuna will watch over you all, and have these ridiculous charges thrown out..the Crown love wasting putea that doesn’t belong to’s not a wonder the country is going down the tube..

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