Canberra: banner drop demands sovereignty

Indymedia: A group of Canberra anarchists dropped 3 banners around the Civic in the nation’s capital, as an autonomous action in solidarity with Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s 40 years of struggle.

One banner was hung on the pedestrian bridge on Alinga St reading ‘(AUSTRALIA – crossed out) INVASION DAY. SOVEREIGNTY NEVER CEDED”. Another two were hung from a large empty building on London CCt directly opposite the Department of Public Prosecutions and an Australian Federal Police station which read “224 YEARS OF OCCUPATION, 224 YEARS OF RESISTANCE” and “STOLEN LAND”.

This small action follows on the heels of worldwide publicity of tent embassy protests, after Aboriginal activists frightened the police and security teams of the nations two major political party leaders into a humiliating ‘escape’ from an Australia Day function beside the aptly named ‘Pork Barrel Cafe’

The Prime Ministers police escort assaulted numerous angry but nonviolent Embassy activists, whom hilariously captured the Prime Ministers left shoe in the melee.

Embassy activists responded on the 27th by marching on the Parliament House and burning the colonial flag at the feet of a line of shaking riot police guarding the front door.

We made this action in solidarity with all principled indigenous activists not afraid of political or media censure in their fight for land and sovereignty and against the ‘respectable’ Aboriginal ‘leaders’ such as Warren Mundine, who went as far as to suggest protesters should be charged after the Invasion Day confrontation.

Embassy protests have been demanding recognition of first nation sovereignty, an end to the disproportionate rates of incarceration of Indigenous people and ongoing repression of traditional culture through 224 years of colonial policies, such as the NT intervention.


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