Sydney: Governor General and Prime Minister’s houses paintbombed

January 22:

THE Sydney residences of the Prime Minister and Governor-General have been damaged with paint bombs during a drive-by attack.

Details of the attack last Sunday morning have been kept quiet by the Australian Federal Police and were only released by NSW Police today.

Closed-circuit TV footage shows a car stopping out the front of Admiralty House and then Kirribilli House.

A person is then seen to throw five separate “projectiles” out of the window. Police said they appeared to be containers filled with white paint.

The vehicle then drives away without anyone getting out of the vehicle.

Both incidents happened at about 4.05am on Sunday morning.

“The incidents is being investigated by the Australian Federal Police protection unit,” a NSW Police spokesman said.

“They have shown us the CCTV footage but they are investigating the crime.”

Neither Governor-General Quentin Bryce nor Prime Minister Julia Gillard were in residence at the time.

Police said the substance stained the driveway, security gate, gate pillars and roadways at Kirribilli House and Admiralty House.

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