Eight people killed by police at anti-mining blockade, Indonesia

December 24: Eight people were killed when police opened fire on demonstrators in Sape Port, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Hundreds more people were wounded. Ten people have been arrested by the police. Most of the people who were attacked ran away towards the mountain and many are still in hiding.

Thousands of people had been blockading the port for five days in opposition to exploration work being carried out by  gold-mining company PT Sumber Mineral Nusantara, 95% owned by Australian company Arc Exploration. Protests had halted exploration at Bima through most of the year.

Call for solidarity with Bima Farmers.

(from Hidup Biasa, translated from a blog chronicling the popular struggle against mining companies in Bima)

To everyone who has heard about how fed up the people of Bima are, and how tenaciously they reject mining. To everyone who has ears and has received the news of the brutal police attack that forced the people occupying the Sape port to disperse. To all hearts that are still love to live free from domination of the state and capital. To all rebels that are hiding in the darkness. The people of Lambu, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara have shown us an action without compromise, of how they refuse to let their land and livelihood be swapped for mining machinery and dreams of gold. A brave attitude that is not only shown in writings, but has now blossomed and overflowed as a tempest of anger at the sea’s edge, in Sape port. Now that bravery has been attacked by the henchmen of those who hold the power and money. They have done this brutally, as is their habit.

We extend our deepest condolences for those that have fallen in the struggle.

A Note about the Mining Company.

PT Sumber Mineral Nusantara is 95% owned by an Australian company called Arc Exploration (www.arcexploration.com.au), based in Chatswood, Sydney. Their gold mining concession in Bima covers some 250 km2, and the same company has another gold project in East Java and is also exploring in West Papua, in a partnership with Anglo American. It is only one of several companies facing mass community resistance in Bima, the other companies are mostly concerned with mining Iron sands from the coast.

Arc’s biggest office is in Jakarta, and its largest shareholders are Singapore-based Southo Investments, HSBC Nominees and ANZ Bank.

Suite 1502, Level 15
Tower B
799 Pacific Highway
Telephone : +61 2 9419 8044
Facsimile : +61 2 9419 8099
Email : management@arcexploration.com.au

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