2011 p.1

Photo by newtowngraffiti: 'Some low-life has splashed the bower bird sculpture with yellow paint

15 February: Attack on sculpture in Redfern

Sculpture on corner of Redfern St and Botany Rd, in Redfern attacked with paint early in morning of 7th anniversary of Thomas Hickey’s murder by NSW police. Flyers were thrown around the area with the following text:

Everyday we pass by these spiked poles we cannot help but be reminded of the unforgivable murder of TJ. It is as if it has been erected to remind us of what we cannot forget- the black deaths, the bloody colonisation which has been for the last two centuries.

This disgusting tangle of metal seemingly circumvents criticism because it is portrayed like some kind of gift of art. Let’s be honest about this, clearly this structure has been engineered to prevent people from gathering in the square. Its imposing presence occupies the entire space and its very form intimidates anyone who dares to linger. Could this obstruction be any more blatant in its design?

As if the damn police towers that lay before it, and the cretins there who make it their job to imprison, murder, torture, harass and watch our every move need also a tribute metres away. This structure enrages us, we can’t let the mechanisms of colonisation, and state repression bulldoze forward. The anti vandal squad (the ever efficient urban art critics) might wash this paint off tomorrow. But is will still remain a hideous mark of gentrification.

This attack is proof that they can’t stop everything, they can’t stop us talking to you now, in reality they can’t stop me and you. This attack we make tonight is for TJ, and everyone murdered by the state (of which there is too many than we could ever list).



From Facta Non Verba #2

6 July: Hellenic Bank in Marrickville attacked

In the early hours of 6/7/11 the Hellenic Bank in Marrickville was attacked and the windows smashed.

This attack was carried out as a minimal response to the murderous savagery of the Greek police on the 28th and 29th of June General Strike against the Troika’s repressive austerity measures. And also to express our solidarity with the imprisoned fighters for social liberation in Greece. Even here far away in Australia we look on and are inspired by the dignified struggle against capitalist domination in Greece.

Solidarity is our weapon.

Fire to the prisons.

-Midnight koalas-

19 October: Melbourne – Politician’s Office Smashed and Paintbombed

Last Wednesday night we attacked the office of Australian Labour Party MP Jenny Macklin, who postures herself as Indigenous Affairs minister. We did this because the Australian government is a government of occupation and ongoing colonization of the Indigenous people of this country. Our actions are in solidarity with the Indigenous people who have been invaded, whose land has been stolen, who have been forcibly removed from their homelands, from their families, whose cultures and languages have been irreversibly damaged, and who are still experiencing ongoing waves of attacks at the hands of our colonial government, of this very office of “Indigenous Affairs”.

We also carried out this attack because as non-Indigenous citizens of this country we are coerced into a situation where we materially benefit from the colonization of Indigenous peoples. We have learnt to deny the reality of the origins of our material wealth – we are the “lucky country”. The myth of luck disguises the reality of war and occupation upon which our lives are built. We are born into a society that tells us that this colonial activity is a good thing, that it is “for us”, that it is “for them”. That capitalist, materialist culture is “good”. Is “beneficial”. That everyone deserves the “great Australian dream” built on the spoils of colonial war. But the dream is a myth. We act because we want to break the monotony of this existence. We do not believe that material comfort is the sole quality which makes life “good”. We act because we do not believe in the cultural superiority of capitalism, and reject the missionary logic of assimilating Indigenous peoples to provide them with a “better” life. We do not believe a life based solely on consumption that is devoid of real emotion, community, individuality and joy is a “better” way of life. This society is boring. It’s empty, unfulfilling, dissatisfying. It is built on a web of lies, pain and suffering, haunted by the almost erased memories of ways of life we have lost.

We reject this culture of denial. We reject a society that is telling us that we must accept the categories given to us by society, be it either “oppressed” or “oppressor”, “colonized” or “coloniser”. We are against colonization. We are against the assimilation of the world into white supremacist capitalist culture. Everyone is resisting this system every day in countless different ways, from the seemingly insignificant – like every time someone shoplifts from Woolworths, doesn’t buy a ticket on the train, turns off their tv because they’re sick of the mindless bullshit; to community walk-offs, and rioting in the streets. This is one way we are choosing to not only resist but intensify our resistance and our lives. Through this action we are reclaiming our dignity and clearly stating our refusal to be “obedient” citizens of colonial Australia.

– Unaustralians

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